BUILDING PHYSICS are nowadays a crucial discipline for high level designign. SOLARIS got this opportunity to increase its competence and offer a better service!!

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SOLARIS is BIM READY!. Thanks to deep training, to efforts spent in past period, and to acquired professionality of its own specialists, SOLARIS issues its services even in BIM enviroment.

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Decreto 26 July 2015 is now operative, concerning new energy classification criteria and calculation of the new indices of primary energy in buildings. It goes quickly towards NZEB !!

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In July 2015, ing. Scocco has passed examination upon TUV institute and obtained the qualification of EGE - Expert Energy Management - in accordance with UNI 11339.

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The world has changed and the "environmental issue", seen as an obstacle to get around so far, is setting new rules for the World Cup Governments; therefore society is profoundly changing and imposing new challenges to the Architecture and Engineering Studies.

No longer enough to propose good projects to clients, it is now necessary to integrate traditional design (functional and aesthetic) with two basic elements:

  •      Energy Efficiency in all its forms
  •      the financial aspect in the foreground: lower initial costs and running costs throughout the life cycle of the work    

We then speak from a side of greater complexity and on the other of an opportunity of equal size, only usable by those who will be able to better interpret the two above elements, ranking first in the changed scenario.

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* Rapporto Oice
* Direttiva Europea 201031CE
* SEN Governo Italiano

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