bimWith great pleasure we announce that SOLARIS E' BIM READY!, that is, it's ready to delivery all services in BIM enviroment.

BIM is a process that allows the realization of a digital virtual model of a building. The model may contain geometric and logical informations of the building and of all the elements that compose it.

In fact, the BIM model is a relational database in which are all the data of the individual elements of building are stored and can be managed.

These data are, however, complete with parameters to be adjusted and altered in proper way. This feature gives the BIM process an explosive potential!

BIM can be applied since the birth of the project idea - of course in a very simplified form - and then up at the end of the management life of the building. In fact, depending on intended and implemented uses of the model (BIM Uses), it can be used in the process of conception, initial and advanced design, construction, building management.

Of course, know-how and mastering the BIM environment is not easy, and requires investment of time and resources.

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In this period SOLARIS has invested , and is investing, a lot of energy and resources because BIM represents a turning point in the design methodology, already abroad, and, in short, in Italy.

Thanks to continuous training and upgading of its specialists, SOLARIS is able to produce BIM projects relating systems under its competence and its expertise. 

To date, the SOLARIS BIWater Treatment Room R00 MSQM staff counts a BIM Manager, a BIM Coordinator, and an increasing number of BIM Specialists; with them SOLARIS has performed the following orders:

- Tender for the Radiotherapy block at the Hospital of Vicenza Santorso;

- Main technical rooms at Western Station - Line 3 Metro Riyhad;

- Services Blocks for mobile homes in Kenya;

- Office headquarters of a major Italian company;

- Others ...





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