revit2SOLARIS is a modern consulting firm that operates in systems design and energetics sector, strongly oriented to innovation and to the High Efficiency Solutions.

Its mission is to "focus on the needs of the customer and provide customized solutions, integrated with other disciplines, highly innovative and closely related to the minimization of the Long Life Cycle Cost".

Like all companies in all sectors, even SOLARIS has accepted the many challenges for the future.

The first is certainly the scope of competence and professionalism, be improved through study, self-denial and continuous technical updating.

The second concerns the use of modern tools that design technology available to today; think of the emerging world of BIM design in which all professionals are called to work together to produce a totally integrated design.

The third concerns the optimization of internal processes for enhancing the efficiency of the procedural and operational structure to make sure to deliver a quality service and, at the same time, at low cost.

In BIM, SOLARIS has invested, and is investing, a lot of energy because BIM represents a turning point in design methodology, especially abroad. Thanks to continuous training and retraining of its workers, SOLARIS is able to produce BIM projects concerning systems engineering and architectural fields.


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