SOLARIS is a modern consulting firm that operates in the systems engineering services sector, strongly oriented to innovation.
Its mission is to "focus on customer needs and provide customized solutions, integrated with other disciplines, highly innovative and closely related to the minimization of the Long Life Cycle Cost".

SOLARIS is expert in SYSTEM DESIGN sector and ENERGY ENGINEERING, in Italy and abroad: these themes, along with the keywords INNOVATION & EXPERTISE, best represent SOLARIS spirit

Systems Engineering represents SOLARIS core business. With the experience gained in 20 years of activity in the field of systems design, SOLARIS is able to provide a wide and complete range of services, covering traditional and innovative systems in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, as in Italy and all 'abroad. SOLARIS is ready to develop also the constructive projects using modern 3D technologies.

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The term Energetics means the innovative technical areas aimed at improving the energy aspects. This field is closely related to systems. In this emerging discipline SOLARIS has invested in resources, training and expertise. Eng. Scocco has been accredited by ACCREDIA with the qualification of EGE-Expert Energy Management- under the UNI 11339 by the company TUV.

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